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RARE 1st MODEL Colt 1851 Navy Squareback Revolver

This is the only example of the rare 1st Model 1851 Squareback we've ever offered.  Only 1250 of these rare Squarebacks were made with the wedge screw placed underneath the wedge. This one is in the 1100 serial range, made in the year 1850 with all matching numbers except wedge which is unmarked. On the First Model, the wedge actually sits upside down compared to all other 1851 Navy Revolvers and the arbor pin has a cut slot for the wedge instead of a hole (see photos). Overall condition is NRA Antique Good+ with nice markings and traces of original cylinder scene. The metal is light grey overall and appears to have been lightly cleaned long ago...but still has good edges.  Front of muzzle and front sight show holster wear from being carried on horseback.   Brass triggerguard has traces of original silver plating.  Early thin style Walnut grips are nice with good wood to metal fit.  There are two minor chips at the bottom front which are quite typical on early Colt Percussion Revolvers...and easily fixed if desired. Nice barrel to frame fit!  A rare opportunity to acquire a very elusive variant of the earliest 1851 Navy These early Squareback Navies are numerically just as rare as a Colt Walker and its seldom we ever come across one for sale!

Item# 9106




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