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Adams Model 1851 DA Pocket Percussion Revolver

This is a scaled down .31 Caliber version of the large Adams Revolver we have listed. In spite of having no single action mode for accuracy, this revolver had a primitive but unheard of rapid-fire double action design for the early 1850's. The gun was improved steadily through the 1850's in the form of the Beaumont Adams, Tranters, and whose DNA was later incorporated into many of the later British cartridge revolvers.  This revolver shows very little use in spite of being over 150 years old.  It must have originally been stored in a wooden case as its just too nice to have survived this way out in the open.  The left side of the frame is marked "ADAMS PATENT 15,303 R" with matching number on the cylinder.  Cylinder and barrel were British Proofed (in London to be exact).  The top of the barrel reads "DEANE ADAMS & DEANE 30 KING WILLIAM STt LONDON BRIDGE".   Overall, this little revolver is in almost in perfect condition retaining 97% bright shiny original blue.  The springs and trigger still show most of their original bright blue to purple fire blue.  The hammer still has most of its bright original polish while the cylinde case colors have faded mostly to silver but still show a significant amount of light color and mottling.  The grips are nearly flawless with sharp checkering very little handling wear.  The base of the grip lanyard swivel with some sort of exotic hardwood cap that is carved like a shell...the cap is loose but isn't going anywhere since the lanyard keeps it from coming off...This could be easily re-attached as it appears to have originally been glued in place.  The action works perfectly and the bore is in Excellent Plus condition...near mint with perfect rifling, bright and shiny, with a handful of light pits.  This is an exceptionally nice example of an early Adams Double Action revolver and deserves a nice case.

Item# 0403




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